Epidaurus Becas mills – Extra virgin olive oil of the “Manaki” variety. | Traditional Art blended with Modernity
Τhe Epidaurus Becas mills following the family tradition in olive oil enterprises, are the third generation, since 1965, to continue to invest in the source of human life – Olive Oil. The green liquid from nature’s pharmacy.
Ελαιόλαδα, παρθένο, αγνό, έξτρα, λάδι, υψηλή ποιότητα, κολιάκι αργολίδας, δωρεάν παράδοση Αττική
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Traditional Art blended with Modernity

Greek olives are treated with the same care and tenderness they were 2500 years ago. As in the past, the olive and its management remains predominantly a family business. And because it’s a family business, each tree receives the same kind of personalized care and love that comes when people form an intimate bond with their object of work.
To start the farmer picks and chooses the right variety for his plantation, a type that will also fit with the climate. The new trees are planted in straight lines and at small distance from each other that allows them to ‘’breath’’. As soon as the fruit reaches maturity, harvesting begins. In Greece, olive harvesting hasn’t changed much since the classical days. It still remains an arduous but rewarding work, a collective experience shared by the family and the community.
When the fruit is gathered it goes through the pulping process. Once pulping is complete, the water is extracted and the olive oil is produced.
But keeping up with age-old traditions doesn’t mean that the new is lost either. Quality testing is enforced throughout the process under modern methods and the upper-most strict standards. In the final stage, the oil is taken to the local packaging plant where it is bottled.

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