Epidaurus Becas mills – Extra virgin olive oil of the “Manaki” variety. | Facts and Figures
Τhe Epidaurus Becas mills following the family tradition in olive oil enterprises, are the third generation, since 1965, to continue to invest in the source of human life – Olive Oil. The green liquid from nature’s pharmacy.
Ελαιόλαδα, παρθένο, αγνό, έξτρα, λάδι, υψηλή ποιότητα, κολιάκι αργολίδας, δωρεάν παράδοση Αττική
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Facts and Figures

-Greece is the largest producer of extra virgin olive in the world.
-Greeks are among the largest producers and consumers of olive-related products.
-There are 160.000.000 olive trees in Greece, or 15 olive trees for every Greek.
-Greek average annual edible olive production is 420 thousand metric tons.
-Greece is the third largest world producer of edible olives and olive oil with a 16% share of the edible olive market.
-80% of the Greek olive oil is extra virgin, the top ranked classification category for olive oils.
-There are 300 branded businesses, which package and promote olive oil, edible olives and olive paste in the domestic and foreign markets.

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